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Grammy Doesn't Know Me

Alls Hi Mers Took Her Memories

About the Book Memoirs of a Caregiver

- Memoirs of a Caregiver donated to Leeza Gibbons' Care Connection Burbank, CA March 2015


- Author featured in a Huffington Post 50 article titled "The Unsung Heroes Who Give Up Everything to Take Care of Multiple Loved Ones" interview conducted and written by Yagana Shah. Published November 17, 2014 in the third installment.

-Alzheimer's Association California Southland Chapter Newsletter (May/June issue 2013)

- Alzheimer's Association Greater Michigan Chapter Newsletter (Summer 2013 issue)


- AARP Life @ 50+ Convention in the Author Solutions Book Gallery Las Vegas, NV May 2013

- LA Times Book Festival in the Author Solutions Book Gallery Los Angeles, CA April 2013

Published February 2013